Bill Nighy plays Davey Jones

Bill Nighy plays Davey Jones in Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. The crew of the Flying Dutchman and many other special effects all used DrQueue as the render manager.

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DrQueueIPython is a port of DrQueue to Python using the IPython framework.

Final version 0.64.4 released

DrQueue version 0.64.4 is now available.

New collaboration site online

We switched from Trac to Redmine to be able to use new ways of collaboration.

Source code versioning migrated to Git

We migrated our source code versioning to Git.


DrQueue Development
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DrQueue Distributed Render Manager Services

A range of services are available direct from the developers of DrQueue.

Installation Service

An installation service can be provided by ourselves or by one of our partners across the world. A comprehensive consulting and advice service is included with the installation service to ensure optimal performance.

Get in touch either by e-mail or fill out our short contact form.

Support Contracts

DrQueue provide support services to organisations looking to ensure the smooth running of their compute farms. By getting support direct from the developers you can be assured of rapid resolution of any problems that may arise.

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Extension Development

The additional development of software extensions and plug-ins allowing an application to interface with a DrQueue Master either to submit, process or monitor jobs.

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