A character from Donkey Xote

Donkey Xote by Filmax International is a animated comedy following the journey of the legendary Donkey Xote!

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DrQueueIPython is a port of DrQueue to Python using the IPython framework.

Final version 0.64.4 released

DrQueue version 0.64.4 is now available.

New collaboration site online

We switched from Trac to Redmine to be able to use new ways of collaboration.

Source code versioning migrated to Git

We migrated our source code versioning to Git.


DrQueue Development
A List of DrQueue Users

DrQueue Partners

DrQueue are keen to develop and extend partners with an interest in participating in development, providing solutions based on DrQueue or developing extensions and plug-ins.

If you are interested in partnering opportunities please get in touch.

Companies already partnered with DrQueue:


Ainkaboot are a British firm based in London, they provide complete clusters systems which can be provided pre-installed with DrQueue and ready to run out of the box.

URL: http://ainkaboot.co.uk

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